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  1. Maps
    1. US State, County and Releif Maps under Reference Sources
    2. Link Mapquest (county boundaries - zoom in)
    3. Link Google Maps
    4. Link Google Earth
    5. Link Maps.Huge.Info - Google Maps overlayed by: County or Zip Code, Town/City, Translate an address into latitude and longitude coordinates, Select a entire road by clicking on it (great)
    6. Microsoft
      1. Link Bing Maps (county boundaries - zoom in)
      2. Link Live Search (Virtual Earth)
    7. Link USGS county city boundaries and names, topo, imagery, hill shading, elevation, hydrolography, transportation, measure distance and area + much more
    8. Link NAVTEQ or Nokia Maps - collections, 3D maps, live traffic, public transit
    9. Link ACME - Map, Satellite, Terrain, Topo, DOQ image, Names
    10. Link ACME - Calculate area of polygon on Google Map (Acres) can compute area
    11. Link Googlemaps simple
    12. Link (Data by Navteq)
    13. Link SuperPages - Yellow Pages (by MS)
    14. Link Concierge (by Google)
    15. Link Excite Travel - (by Map Blast)
    16. Link (Maps on Us)
    17. Link Info Please state maps - major cities (by
    18. Link Rand McNally Maps
    19. Link Historic Topographic Maps
    20. Link Pages Jaunes - Maps and photos of France
    21. Link Trails - Make a topo map
    22. Link MyTopo - Make a topo map
    23. Cary and NC Maps
      1. Link NC DOT's Traveler Information Management System - Maps and Road Problems
      2. Link Cary's Traffic Cameras, Maps and Road Problems
      3. Link Cary Maps - Crime data, Utilities, Roads, Sewer lines, etc - very comprehensive
      4. Link Wake County and the City of Raleigh's Online Mapping Service
    24. Link Duke Energy Progress Power Outages Map
    25. Link Population and Housing Unit Estimates
    26. Link Convert multiple addresses to GPS coordinates -GPS Visualizer
    27. Link Find location knowing lat long or find lat long
    28. Link Find the exact Lat/Long for a street address
    29. Link Compute distance between lat longs
    30. Link Compute distance along a path or calculate area (does not have to be a straight line)
    31. Link Find Lat/Long using a map (not street address)
    32. Link Flightradar24 - a flight tracking service that provides real-time info aircraft
    33. Old Maps
      1. Link
      2. Link
      3. Link
      4. Link
      5. Link
      6. Link
      7. Link
    34. Link Find yourphone on Verizon (sign on to your account first)
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  2. Meteorological Data
    1. General Sites: Link NOAA Cary   Link WRAL TV   Link Weather Radio Link Intellicast   Link WX-Nation All Radars etc   Link Numerous Weather Links   Link Weather   Link Gibson Radar Explanation
    2. Interactive Radars: Link WRAL Interactive   Link ABC Interactive   Link Weather Channel Interactive   Link Intellicast Interactive   Link NBC Interactive (same as Intellicast? but smaller)   Link Weather Bug Interactive (zoom in then enlarge)   Link Weather Underground Interactive  
    3. Radars: Link WRAL Central Doppler  Link ABC Wake Doppler   Link Weather Channel Classic Wake   Link NBC Doppler?   Link UNISYS Atlantic   Link Weather Underground   Link NOAA Radar   Link NOAA Radar Looping   Link NEXRAD radar image(s): reflectivity or velocity   Link Accuweather  
    4. Link Lightning Finder - Select map (upper right), double click on NC and continue double clicking till you zoom to your city.  Link 5-Year Average Lightning Density Map
    5. Link How to Understand Your Local Weather Forcast
    6. Link The Foliage Network - Leaves Changing
    7. Link Atmospheric Optics - Rays & Shadows - Water Droplets - Rainbows - Ice Halos
    8. Link How Valid Are T.V. an NOAA Weather Forecasts? (Forget more than 48hrs out)
    9. Several Weather Sites
      1. NOAA - Local Weather
        1. Link North Carolina NOAA Weather Discussion
        2. Link Cary forecast
        3. Link Cary Radar
        4. Link Raleigh, NC Forecast Discussion
        5. Link Raleigh Area Weather Discussion
        6. Link Graphical weather forecast table
        7. Link Current weather conditions at Raleigh Airport
        8. Link NWS Weather Cam in Raleigh on NC State Campus
        9. Link Raleigh Forecast Suite
        10. Link Raleigh Local Climate Data
        11. Link Site map
        12. Link NexLab NC
        13. Link Raleigh Short Term Forecast Discussion
        14. Link Raleigh Area Forecast Discussion
        15. Surface Analysis Maps Link Current Link Archived Link How to read the maps
      2. Link Raleigh, NC- WRAL TV
      3. Link Raleigh, NC - NBC 17 Link Radar
      4. Link Raleigh, NC - ABC Link Radar
      5. Link Raleigh, North Carolina - WRAL TV
      6. Link Raleigh, NC - Radar websites
      7. Link Weather Channel
        1. Link Radar at
        2. Link Satellite at
      8. Link Triangle Weather
      9. Link Bob's Weather Page - Links for NC
      10. Link - The Weather Underground
      11. Hurricane Data
        1. Link National Hurricane Center
        2. Link Central Florida Hurricane Center - Other Hurricane Links
        3. See UNISYS below
        4. Link Weather Underground Hurricane Forecast
        5. Link Hurricaneville
        6. Link Links to other hurricane web sites
      12. Link College of DuPage Next Generation Weather Lab
      13. Link UNISYS Weather - Satellite Images- Surface, Upper Air and Radar Data - Forecasts Models -10 day forecasts - Local Weather - Hurricane Data and History of all hurricanes - USGS Maps
        1. Link Temperature
        2. Link Radar
        3. Link Raleigh Forecast
    10. NOAA
      1. Link The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) is the world's largest active archive of weather data
      2. Link Weather, Warnings, Forecasts, Model Products, Climate information, Facsimile Charts, Observations, links to government web sites, documentation on meteorology, meteorological standards, Telecommunication protocols, WMO Abbreviated Headings, NWS organization, NESDIS Imagery, hydrometeorologic, hydrologic.
      3. Link Weather and Climate Sites
      4. Link NOAA Degree Day Statistics
      5. Link The National Weather Service Weather Calculator
      6. Link The National Weather Service Emergency Managers Information
      7. Link Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) interfaces: Animated Graphics
        1. Link Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) interfaces: Animated Graphics version (High speed Internet connections)
        2. Link Not Animated
      8. Link National Weather Service Homepages
      9. Link OSEI - Operational Significant Event Imagery team produces high-resolution, detailed imagery of significant environmental events which are visible in remotely-sensed data - Includes Fires
      10. Link NOAA Significant Weather Phenomena Matrix Link Significant Weather Code Table
      11. Link Catalog of NWS Products
    11. NASA
      1. Link Geostationary Satellite Server
      2. Link TOMS Aerosol Hot Spots Page
    12. LinkUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor Weather Data Source
      1. Link Computer Model Forecasts (and Discussions)
      2. Link USA Weather
      3. Link 700 Weather Cams
      4. Link Weather Maps
      5. Link Radar & Satellite
      6. Link Travel Cities Weather page! From here, forecasts, current conditions, color satellite imagery, and radar are available for over 30 cities
      7. Link Numerous Links to other weather sites
    13. Link Penn State Real-Time Weather
    14. Link Forest Service - Stagnation maps
    15. Link World Wide Web Weather Interface (W-4), created and maintained by meteorologist Eric Luebehusen.
    16. Link Guidance on the Use of Models and Other Analyses in Attainment Demonstrations for the 8-hour Ozone NAAQS (PDF)
    17. Link Wind data at North Carolina - National Weather Service Meteorological Data Sets
    18. Link NC Meteorological Links - Satellite, Trajectories and other weather sites
    19. Link WRPLOT View
    20. Link Atmospheric Optics - Atmospheric refraction - Views of the Sky - Rays/Shadows - Water Droplets - Rainbows - Ice Halos - Aurorae - Clouds Link Links to others
    21. Link Weather Calculators - Temp, wind speed, relative humidity, pressure, heat index, wind chill
    22. Link GRLevel3 Version 2 is a Windows viewer for live and archive NEXRAD Level III data. It displays high resolution base products, dual polarization products, and derived products along with Local Storm Reports and severe weather warnings
    23. Link Progress Energy outage maps (weather related usually)
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  3. Contacts: Environmental Orgs, Congress, Phone Numbers
    1. Environmental Associations And Organizations
      1. Link Environmental Protection Agency
      2. Link Directions to EPA's Research Triangle Campus
      3. Link Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA)
        1. Link Allegheny Mountain Section
      4. Link Clean Air World. Learn about air pollution, find the latest news and information on important air topics and link to governmental air pollution control agencies around the world
      5. Link State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (STAPPA/ALAPCO)
      6. Link Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
      7. Link Earth Share AND Conservation & Preservation Charities Federation and Member Organizations
      8. Link Sierra Club Link North Carolina
      9. Link Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
      10. Link Earth Justice
      11. Link North Carolina Public Interest Research Group (NCPIRG) - advocate for the public interest
      12. Link EPA Alumni Association
      13. Link Save EPA - Former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency that are using their collective expertise to educate and advocate about environmental science, environmental protections and the current Administration’s assault on EPA and our public health.
    2. Congress Link Detail Data on Members of Congress - Biographies, Office Listings, and District Descriptions
      1. Link My Represenatives - Find and contact your federal, state, county and local elected representatives
      2. Link Open Secrets - Find campaign finance information - handy source of information on money and politics
      3. Link Follow the Money - comprehensive campaign-donor, lobbyist, and other information from government disclosure agencies nationwide
      4. Link Archive Org - The Trump Archive collects TV news shows containing debates, speeches, rallies, and other broadcasts related to President-elect Donald Trump. The Trump Archive is focused solely around the more than 800 (and counting) TV appearances by the president-elect, many cross-referenced with the work of fact-checking organizations.
      5. Link GovTrack is here to help you track legislation being debated in the United States Congress. It lets you follow specific legislators in Washington to see their voting records and get email alerts on major activity and bills they sponsor.
      6. Link Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials. Links issues to details about what specific politicians have said and done about them.
      7. Link Washington Watch converts pieces of federal legislation into their cost—or savings—for the average family.
      8. Link Brigade makes it easy to find nearby voters who are passionate about the same national and local issues you are, so you can influence policies and elections together. It tries to turn politics into a social network but is currently oriented around elections.
    3. Phone Numbers of Public, Yellow Pages
      1. Link How to get a live person at 500 major companies' phone menus Link at small-scale companies
      2. Link Get a Human when you call for service
      3. Link Dial a Human when you call for service
      4. Link 1-800-FREE411 is a free, nationwide directory assistance service. Catch - you get an ad which generally runs around 15 seconds.
      5. Link Dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone - State the location and business type - Connect to the business for free
      6. Link Several White Page directories at Library Spot
      7. Link White Pages at Link Reverse lookup
      8. Link AT&T Real Pages Live - White and Yellow pages (looks like phone book) once on yellow page, go to left panel and choose white pages
      9. Link White Pages on
      10. Link
      11. Link Google Local (yellow pages)
      12. Link . GTE Yellow Pages and City Guide
      13. Link Companies Online
      14. Link Yahoo People Search
      15. Link Yahoo Yellow Pages
      16. Link AT&T AnyWho People Search
      17. Link Federal Phone Directory
      18. Link Switch Board
      19. Link Who Called Us
      20. Link Directory of UnKnown Callers
      21. Link Reverse Phone Detective
      22. Link Reverse Phone by
      23. Link Reverse Phone by 411 Trace
      24. Link - What does your phone number spell?
      25. Link - What does your phone number spell?
      26. Link Pipl people search
      27. Link ZABA search
      28. Link Area Code look up
      29. Unwanted Calls (telemarketing or robocalls) - FCC - Federal Communications Commission - Phone Complaints
        1. Link Report Unwanted Calls to the FCC. Under "Phone Issues" select "Unwanted Calls"
        2. Link Search FCC data for unwanted calls (telemarketing or robocalls). To search, use the Search - It's in the upper right with the search image and says "Find in this Dataset." Enter the phone number with dashes, e.g., 122-531-1723
        3. Link FCC list of Unwanted Calls as of 3/2/2018. This is a simple and quick listing of the above dataset. Enter the phone number with no dashes or slashes, e.g., 1225311723
      30. Link FCC recommends calling the following toll-free numbers to verify your authorized telephone company: 1-700-555-4141 for long distance and international services and 1+your area code+700-4141 for local and local toll services.
    4. Other Contacts
      1. Link Medicare (1-800-633-4277)
      2. Link Social Security (1-800-772-1213)
      3. Link Fed World
      4. Credit report (lost or stolen credit cards)
        1. Link Free Annual Credit Reports (NC in Sept 2005) - If you ask for a report from a different company every 4 months, you can get them throughout the year for free.
        2. Link Equifax 1-800 525-6285
        3. Link Experian (TRW) 1-800-301-7195
        4. Link Trans Union 1-800-680-7289
        5. Link LexisNexis - Accurint information services report - very detailed (not a credit report)
        6. Link North Carolina Consumers Have the Right to Obtain a Security Freeze Link Law (PDF)
      5. Link Conference Call Services - Free or $0.10 per minute w/ 800 number
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  4. Reference Sources
    1. Link Reference Desk - (The biggest and best I have ever seen)
    2. Link Financial Calculators
    3. Link Unit
    4. Link Online Conversion
    5. Link Calculators and Converters - Easy Calculation
    6. Link U.S. Surveyor FREE Deed Plot (use IE)
    7. Link Reference Librarians' Index to the Internet
    8. Link Marylaine Book Dealers and Reference
    9. Link Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net
    10. Link This file lists all counties and equivalent areas in the United States defined as of January 1, 1990, alphabetically by State with related codes. There are several codes shown: FIPS MSA/CMSA/NECMA code, PMSA, FIPS State and County, then State and County Name
      1. Link If not on census site
      2. Link Fips state and county codes only
      3. Link All Counties and CMSAs (FIPS Codes) with 1999 MSAs (with C/MSA codes not approved by Census, etc)
    11. Link Maps of Counties and CBSA's (from Census)
    12. Link US Relief map
    13. Link State Abbreviations
    14. Acronyms and Abbreviations
      1. Link Air Programs
      2. Link Enhanced Monitoring
      3. Link From Blue Book
      4. Link DOE Ames Lab
    15. Link North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is replacing the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system
    16. Link File Extensions - database of file extensions and the various programs that use them
    17. Link Area Code look up
    18. Postal Info
      1. Link How to Address a Letter per the USPS guidelines
      2. Link USPS Postage Price Calculator Link Buy Stamps online at USPS
      3. Link USPS Look Up a +4 ZIP Code by Address or Business and cities by Zip code
      4. Link US Postal Rates, Postage Calculator, Domestic Rates, Fees
      5. Link Mailbox Locator: find a USPS mailbox in your area
      6. Link USPS Hold Mail Service
      7. Link Official USPS Abbreviations (States, Street Suffix, etc.)
      8. Link ZIP Code database (maps, everything you can think of)
    19. Link The Internet Public Library
    20. Link Calculator - Scientific, Finance, many others.
    21. Link Metric Conversions
    22. Time
      1. US Naval Observatory EST Clock (If clock stops, enter Control- F5 to refresh)
      2. Link National Institute of Standards and Technology CLOCK - TIME Link Clock using Java Link Clock without Java (In Netscape do View, Reload to update clock) Link Clock using Internet Explorer Link Another Clock Link Time Zone Conversion
      3. Link Time in Raleigh, NC (link to all other cities)
      4. Link Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Link Zulu time (can select East Coast) GMT (opens in new window)
      5. Link World Map Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Zulu Time (easy to convert from Z)
      6. Time by Phone - dial (303) 499-7111 for WWV (Colorado) This is not a toll-free numbers; callers outside the local calling area are charged for the call at regular long-distance rates.
      7. Link Sun and Moon Data
    23. Link Decimal to Minutes-Seconds Converter and Latitude And Longitude Lookup
    24. Link Univ. of Michigan Reference - Census etc
    25. Link 107 Congress - House Of Representatives
    26. Link 107 - Congress Senate
    27. Link Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
    28. Link Bartleby Library - Great Books Online
    29. Link 435 Mystery Audio CDs at Wake County Library, North Carolina as of Jan 16, 2006
    30. Dictionaries
      1. Link - English definitions, synonyms, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences
      2. Link The Free - English, Medical, Legal, and Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine
      3. Link Ask Dr. Dictionary!
      4. Link Misspelled Words, Names and Places
    31. Link Thesaurus
    32. Link Grammar Book
    33. Link Elementary English Grammar - Teaching and Learning Resources
    34. Link text analysis tool
    35. Link
    36. Link Meanings and Origins of Phrases, Sayings and Idioms
    37. Link Dr. Mardy's Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations, the world's largest online database of metaphorical quotations
    38. Link Shmoop is a way to get into history, poetry, or classic literature. Developed by masters students and faculty at some of the country's top universities. The service is designed to provide students, teachers, and everyday readers with a resource to help them get engaged.
    39. Link Info Please Almanacs
    40. Link Text to Speech - enter text (app 200 char) , select a language and hear it spoken Link Natural Readers Text to Speech 200 characters Free online
    41. Translation
      1. Link Google language translation
      2. Link - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
      3. Link Free Translation - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
      4. Link Travlang's Translating Dictionaries (many languages)
      5. Link - Translator for Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish
      6. Link Balel Fish - Altavista
      7. Link SYSTRAN
    42. Link Audio Pronunciation of a Name (Pronounce Names)
    43. Link Audio Pronunciation Guide of Names (How to say that name)
    44. Link Currency Converter
    45. Link Barcode Search Engine
    46. Link True Cost of Driving
    47. Link Cost of Driving
    48. Link Military Alphabet
    49. Link Rope Knots
    50. Link How many people have your name?
    51. Link Check out Rumors to see if Truth or Fiction Link Urban Legends (
    52. Link Consumer Electronics Instructions Manual
    53. Tax valuation guide for goods donated to charity Link Salvation Army Link Fun With
    54. Link Return to Table of Contents at the top of this page

  5. Scientific Journals and Environmental Information
    1. Link Harvey Jeffries - information of interest on photochemistry
    2. Link Scientific Journals
    3. Link National Journal's Greenwire, The Environmental News Daily
    4. Link Large List of Environmental Web Sites
    5. Link World Resources Institute
    6. Link Earth Trends - World Resources Institute
    7. Link NC Green Power (improve North Carolina’s environment through voluntary contributions toward renewable energy)
    8. Link The Power Scorecard is a rating mechanism that assesses the environmental impact of different types of electric generation.
    9. Link lists energy providers certified to meet certain environmental and consumer protection standards
    10. Link Green Power Partnership Through Department of Energy
    11. Link Piedmont Biofuels
    12. Link Wake Co, NC Waste and Recyling
    13. Link NC Swat-A-Litterbug Program 856-5700 or 1-877-DOT-4YOU (1-877-368-4968)
    14. Link North Carolina gets D grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation
    15. Link Earth911 - Recycling Services
    16. Link Sierra Club in Raleigh
    17. Link Clean Air Visibility Rule - Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART)
    18. Green-Label Programs - These 15 green-label programs are recognized as good benchmarks by experts and retailers such as Green Depot and Office Depot.
      1. Green Seal (
      2. Energy Star (
      3. EPA Design for the Environment (
      4. WaterSense (
      5. Forest Stewardship Council (
      6. Scientific Certification Systems (
      7. EcoLogo (
      8. Greenguard (
      9. Cradle to Cradle (
      10. Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (
      11. Global Organic Textile Standard (
      12. Biodegradable Products Institute (
      13. FloorScore (
      14. Totally Chlorine Free (
      15. Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label/Green Label Plus (
    19. Link Return to Table of Contents at the top of this page

  6. Computer Information: Hardware, Software, Virus Software, & Help
  7. News, Music, Book, Search Engine, & General Information Websites

    This is for my personal use only and is not a sales pitch for any web site.

    1. Meta-Search sites: Link Debriefing Link Dogpile Link Metacrawler Link Savvy Search
    2. Search: Link Google Link Experimental search Link Google Cheat Sheet (help) Link Yahoo Link Dogpile Link MSN Link Several Search Engines with Descriptions of Uses Link About Link Ask Link LookSmart
    3. Link Reverse search Google for images, just like you can search for websites Link TinEye Alerts tracks where your images appear online.
    4. Link Startingpage search engine protects your Privacy by NOT recording your IP address (Google does and uses it to track you)
    5. Google Search using Startingpage Privacy
    6. Search for Best Prices: Link Bottom Dollar Link Price Scan Link Shopzilla Link Shopper Link Shopping
    7. Discount Coupons: Link Current Codes Link Deal Taker Link ebates Link Gotta Deal
    8. Find the title of a Song: Link Lyrics Freak Link at Yahoo Link at Find Me a Tune Link Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
    9. News: Link Drudge Report Link NY Times Link LA Times Link Washington Post Link CNN Link Scientific American Link Environmental News Network
    10. Link The Onion - American news satire website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news.
    11. Link Medical Link Kosmix health search site
    12. Link Web Cams
    13. Link PC Magazine Good Sites
    14. Link Lightning Safety
    15. Link Print Large Photos (up to wall size)
    16. Link Digital Photography Review Link Digital Camera Resource
    17. Publish a Book: Link Blurb Link Picaboo Link SharedInk Link Lulu
    18. Link Greener Choices (Consumer Reports) Buying cleaner products and recycling
    19. Link National Do Not Call Registry
    20. Link Center for Auto Safety Link Rankings of State Lemon Laws
    21. Link How to stop Unwanted Spam on Your Cell Phone
    22. Identity Theft
      1. Link FTC ID Theft Link If not available on FTC site
      2. Link Another FTC Identity Theft site
      3. Link Ric Edelman's suggestions Link If not available on Ric's site
      4. Link Michigan State
      5. Link World Privacy Forum - responses to medical identity theft
      6. Link Identity Theft 911
    23. Link MIB will provide consumers with health record disclosure once annually without charge
    24. Link Public Health Service Link COA Link Foundation Link U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center
    25. Link EPA Alumni Association is a nationwide community of former employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    26. Link EPA Research Triangle Park Retirees' web site Link How to become a member
    27. Link Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) Vocational interest and skills inventory with career planner (the best)
    28. Link Career Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey (COPES)
    29. Link Valuation Guide - determine an estimated value of donated items (Salvation Army)
    30. Social Security
      1. Social Security Administration (1-800-772-1213)
      2. Link Online Retirement Estimator
      3. Link Retirement Estimator
      4. Link Social Security Detailed Calculator
      5. Link Social Security Handbook
      6. AARP
      7. Link Information about Social Security
      8. Link AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator
      9. Link Maximize My Social Security costs $40 by Laurence Kotlikoff Professor of Economics Boston University and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc. (Wall Street Journal)
    31. Advanced Directives - Living Will etc
      1. Link North Carolina Advance Health Care Directive Registry - forms Advance Health Care Directives and Organ Donor Card
      2. Link Caring Connections provides free advance directives and instructions for each state
      3. Link How you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself
      4. Link AARP
      5. Link US Living Will Registry
      6. Link Amer Bar - choose Health Care Decisionmaking
    32. Link is the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    33. Link The Writer's Almanac Poetry - Garrison Keillor
    34. Link The Poetry Foundation
    35. Link Poet Betty Adcock
    36. Link Under Milk Wood (Dylan Thomas)
    37. Link Dr. Mardy Grothe's: Aphorisms, Oxymoronica, Repartee, Ifferisms, Neverisms and I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like
    38. Link Celia Rivenbark's latest column Link Past columns
    39. Link Birthday Messages Link More Birthday Messages
    40. Link Jokes
    41. WebCams
      1. Link North Carolina traffic webcams and info
      2. Link Cary traffic webcams and info
      3. Link WebCams
    42. Link Health Info
    43. Link The Ktichen is the Germiest room. Here's how to deep clean everything
    44. Link National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans (NASCHIP) - state governments to serve the medically "uninsurable" population.
    45. Link NeedyMeds is a 501(3)(c) non-profit with the mission of helping people who cannot afford medicine or healthcare costs
    46. Link RxAssist can help you learn about ways to use pharmaceutical company programs and other resources to help reduce your medication costs
    47. Link 4,500 photographs documenting natural environments, ecologies, and plant communities
    48. Link Earth Shots is a photo of the day contest (5yrs) celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.
    49. Link Perfectly Timed Photos is a collection of Pics taken at just the right moment.
    50. Link FakePosters - demotivational posters
    51. Link Google Art Project - view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail. Explore museums with Street View technology: virtually move around the museum’s galleries, selecting works of art that interest you, navigate though interactive floor plans and learn more about the museum and you explore.
    52. Link collection comprises 25,000+ artworks by 3,700+ artists from leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates. works with 400+ of the world’s leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates from New York to London, Paris to Shanghai, Johannesburg to São Paulo. We provide one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online.
    53. Link Grooveshark - Free online music streaming
    54. Link Rocky Top Tennessee Link Mark Easley Link Kate Campbell LinkThe Classical Station LinkWXYC 89.3 FM is the non-commercial student-run radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    55. Link Jenn Cornell - cellist
    56. Link Montana Skies Link Montana Skies (cello guitar fusion) - "L.C.P." You can listen to six songs off this one page Link Interview Link Gringo Flamenco Link House of the Rising Sun Link Nocturne (Roberto Di Marino) Link Another Brick in the Wall Link Classical Gas for electric cello and guitar Link Montana Skies and Vivaldi Link Malaguena Link The Edge of Night Link December Mourning Link Pink Floyd "...the Wall" Link Canyon Breeze Link El Gitano Link 3 Interview clip
    57. Link John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves Link Iris DeMent - God May Forgive You (But I Won't)
    58. Link WSHA Shaw Univ radio Jazz, Big Band and Blues Link Program Schedule
    59. Link The Roots Music Listening Room
    60. Link Songstube - numerous free songs of top artists
    61. Link Rock Star Radios - web radios
    62. Vintage Music (free)
      1. Link Digital Archive of Cylinder Recordings
      2. Link The Roots Music Listening Room
      3. Link Library of Congress
      4. Link The Virtual Gramophone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
      5. Link Cultural Equity - Alan Lomax - folk lore music (very large collection and free) and photos
    63. Link The Speek - finds, rescues and restores classic music performances, captured on film and videotape, of the Rock & Roll Era
    64. You Tube type Videos - art, culture, research, how-to, lectures
      1. Link delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world's most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation.
      2. Link ResearchChannel - Remarkable speakers, researchers and professors present revolutionary thoughts and discoveries on ResearchChannel.
      3. Link University Channel makes videos of academic lectures and events from all over the world available to the public
      4. Link Research-TV produces cutting-edge research news stories on behalf of universities and research organizations.
      5. Link Traditional Fine Arts Organization - a comprehensive catalogue of online full motion videos streamed free to viewers - art oriented videos
      6. Link 3D Virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel
      7. Link TotalVid allows you to select from thousands of videos in over 50 categories, for as little as $1.99. Browse through our library of hard-to-find videos in categories like action sports, martial arts, how-to, anime, travel, etc (not free)
      8. Link Energy Policy TV - video of leaders in energy and the environment as they propose and implement policies and market responses.
      9. Link uVu is a video sharing website and companion digital broadcast channel powered by WPBT Channel 2, South Florida ’s PBS station. - art and culture
      10. Link Technology, Entertainment, Design - the best talks and performances from the TED Conferences available to the public, for free.
      11. Link PBS
      12. Link Teacher Tube
      13. Link Link Stage6 Link Brightcove Link Veoh Link MSN Soapbox Link YouTube Link Vimeo Link Jumpcut Link MySpace
      14. Link Video of over 300 miles of trails from: Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks (Hint: on trail you can turn in all directions w/ your mouse)
    65. Link Text Messages (free) by Joopz
    66. Link Text Messages (free) by Pinger
    67. Link When Is Good - Set Up a Meeting - find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event
    68. Link Google Link Images Link Scholarly papers and books To see a definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word "define," then a space, and then the word(s) you want defined.
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