Earth Share Federation and Member Organizations AND Conservation & Preservation Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations From Combined Federal Campaign

Earth Share Federation and Member Organizations

0900 Earth Share 800-875-3863 EIN#52-1601960 - One gift supports the work of all member charities, listed below, who work to protect America and the world’s environment, health, and natural resources. 7.5%

0919 African Wildlife Foundation 888- 4-WILDLIFE EIN#52-0781390 - Foremost authority on African Wildlife dedicated to protecting elephants, mountain gorillas and other endangered species through innovative, practical programs developed with the people of Africa. 12.3%

0924 American Farmland Trust 202-331-7300 EIN#52-1190211 - Stopping the loss of America’s farmland to sprawling development. Working with communities on smarter growth that includes local family farms. Advocating environmentally healthy farming practices. 16.4%

0901 American Forests 800-368-5748 EIN#53-0196544 - Protecting trees and forests since 1875. Our Global ReLeaf campaign promotes tree planting, which helps save energy, clean the air and water, and protect wildlife. 27.2%*

0902 American Rivers 800-296-6900 EIN#23-7305963 - Working to protect and restore America’s rivers and foster a river stewardship ethic; ensuring safe drinking water, recreational opportunities, and preserving fish and wildlife habitat. 20.0%

0928 Americans for the Environment 202-861-2242 EIN#23-7194145 - Teaches citizens how to protect America’s future by safeguarding land, water, and wildlife through environmental training, educational materials, and public seminars. 20.8%

0923 Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides 202-543-5450 (BP: NCAMP) EIN#52-1360541 - Prevents pesticide poisoning of our environment, homes, workplaces, schools, food and water through a practical information clearinghouse on toxic hazards and non-chemical pest control. 3.6%

0929 Center for Health, Environment and Justice 703-237-2249 EIN#52-1219489 - Empowers families protecting their children, and communities protecting public health, from toxic chemicals in drinking water, air, food. Assists with information, community organizing and coalition-building. 6.1%

0920 Center for Marine Conservation 202-429-5609 EIN#23-7245152 - Protects threatened and endangered marine mammals, fish, habitat, and water quality in U.S. and Caribbean waters through volunteer networks, public education, and science-based advocacy. 16.0%

0903 Clean Water Fund 202-895-0432 EIN#52-1043444 - We all live downstream... Neighborhood-based action and education programs for safe water. Sensible solutions for people and environment: safe drinking water, pollution prevention, resource conservation. 11.2%

0930 The Conservation Fund 703-525-6300 EIN#52-1388917 - We protect land the old fashioned way - we buy it! Over 2 million acres protected at a pace of 500 acres a day - Join us! 6.1%

0931 Conservation International 800-406-2306 EIN#52-1497470 - Conservation International works to conserve Earth’s living heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature. 6.3%

0904 Defenders of Wildlife 202-682-9400 EIN#53-0183181 - Innovative leadership prevents species extinction and preserves wildlife habitat. Programs include: wolf restoration; Northern Rockies grizzly recovery; dolphin, marine wildlife, wild cat and bird protection. 24.0%

0947 Earth Day Network 206-264-0114 EIN#13-3798288 - Organizes annual Earth Day campaigns to promote a healthy environment. It encourages individuals, businesses and governments to take concrete actions to protect the earth. 8.8%

0915 Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund 415-627-6700 EIN#94-1730465 - Formerly Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund. Protects people, wildlife and natural resources by providing free legal representation to citizen groups to enforce our environmental laws. 21.7%

0948 Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement 540-788-3274 EIN#52-1704037 - An alliance of intergenerational volunteer programs that are leaving the legacy of a clean, healthy environment for our grandchildren and future generations. 16.5%

0921 Environmental and Energy Study Institute 202-628-1400 EIN#52-1268030 - Develops and promotes innovative policies on climate change, clean air, transportation, renewable energy/efficiency technologies, and sprawl. Promotes policymaker action through education, advocacy, and coalition-building. 29.2%*

0906 Environmental Defense 800-684-3322 (Environmental Defense Fund) EIN#11-6107128 - Environmental Defense creates lasting and efficient solutions to complex environmental challenges. Our areas of concentration are preserving biodiversity, stabilizing climate, protecting health and safeguarding oceans. 14.1%

0925 Environmental Justice Fund 510-834-8920 EIN#94-3241376 - We strive to prevent disease caused by pollution and toxics while promoting justice and sustainability in communities of color "where we live, work and play". 10.0%

0907 Environmental Law Institute 202-939-3800 EIN#52-0901863 - Environmental law that works for you: community-based education + research on national problems = solutions to protect people and nature. Independent and non-partisan. 13.9%

0908 Friends of the Earth 202-783-7400 EIN#23-7420660 - Focuses on the root causes of environmental degradation by exposing wasteful spending and tax subsidies for corporate polluters, and empowers citizens to take action. 17.7%

0932 INFORM, Inc. 212-361-2400 EIN#23-7325514 - Offers solutions to some of the toughest environmental challenges. Helps communities, corporations and policymakers establish programs for cleaner air, less garbage and reduced toxic waste. 25.0%

0922 Izaak Walton League of America 800-IKE-LINE EIN#36-1930035 - Preserving outdoor America’s future -wildlife, habitat, clean air and water. Initiatives include: watershed protection, energy efficiency, sustainable forestry and agriculture. 350+ volunteer chapters nationwide. 18.2%

0934 Land Trust Alliance 202-638-4725 EIN#04-2751357 - Helps local conservationists and land trusts preserve greenspace, habitat, natural areas, parks and trails in communities by providing training, networking, essential information, and policy advocacy. 14.4%

0909 National Audubon Society 212-979-3000 EIN#13-1624102 - Audubon works to protect birds, wildlife and their habitats, including our oceans. Educational outreach programs instruct and inspire future conservationists. Audubon Centers offer outdoor experiences. 13.5%

0910 National Parks and Conservation Association 800-NAT-PARK EIN#53-0225165 - Preserves National Parks from Grand Canyon to Gettysburg; protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites; promotes new parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate development and overcrowding. 37.9%*

0911 National Wildlife Federation 800-332-4949 x4016 EIN#53-0225165 - Saving wildlife and wild places with citizen action and educational outreach, including publications like Ranger Rick. Giving people knowledge and tools to make a difference. 13.2%

0912 Natural Resources Defense Council 212-727-2700 EIN#13-2654926 - NRDC stops polluters. Takes action in court to defend our rivers, coasts, forests, wildlife and clean air. Works globally to save ozone layer, rainforests, oceans. 16.7%

0913 The Nature Conservancy 703-841-5300 EIN#53-0242652 - Buys and protects land to save our world’s rare plants and animals from extinction. Over 11 million acres protected rainforests, prairies, wetlands, mountains, beaches. 12.8%

0945 The Peregrine Fund 208-362-3716 EIN#23-1969973 - Saves eagles, condors, falcons, and other endangered birds through research, breeding, and conservation programs. Helps preserve rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature and science. 5.0%

0935 Pesticide Action Network 415-981-1771 (Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center) EIN#94-2949686 - Works to eliminate poisonous pesticides. Links consumer, labor, health, environment and agriculture groups internationally to advance safer, ecologically sound pest control alternatives. 8.4%

0914 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 202-331-9696 EIN#52-1437006 - Converts thousands of miles of unused railroad corridors into public trails for walking, bicycling, hiking, skating, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitats, and nature appreciation. 18.2%

0936 Rainforest Alliance 888-MY-EARTH EIN#13-3377893 - Conserve tropical forests and their resources through education, research, and cooperative partnerships with businesses, governments and local peoples worldwide. 14.1%

0940 Rocky Mountain Institute 970-927-3851 EIN#74-2244146 - Delivers practical information that helps citizens, businesses, governments save energy and natural resources, prevent pollution, strengthen communities. Doing more with less, our solutions invigorate economies. 13.2%

0937 Safe Energy Communication Council 202-483-8491 EIN#52-1224499 - Promotes environmentally safe, affordable energy. Fights for energy efficiency and renewable energy like solar and wind power. Educates communities about nuclear power and waste dangers. 17.1%

0938 Scenic America 202-543-6200 EIN#23-2188166 - Protects natural beauty, fights billboard blight, saves America’s special places. Our education and advocacy achieve results: thousands of miles of roads, hundreds of communities preserved. 22.2%

0939 The Sierra Club Foundation 415-977-5500 EIN#94-6069890 - The Sierra Club Foundation fights to preserve wilderness and protect environmental quality worldwide through a powerful combination of education, science research, publishing and litigation. 14.5%

0941 Student Conservation Association 603-543-1700 EIN#91-0880684 - Young volunteers constructing trails, restoring habitat; saving endangered species in national parks/forests. Over 1,000,000 hours of service annually. Crews, internships, plus urban/diversity programs. 16.7%

0946 Surfrider Foundation 800-743-SURF EIN#95-3941826 - Protects and preserves the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education. Activities include: water testing, environmental education and grassroots activism. 13.5%

0916 The Trust for Public Land 800-714-LAND EIN#23-7222333 - The Trust for Public Land conserves land to guide growth, protect air and water, and ensure a high quality of life in communities nationwide. 5.6%

0942 U.S. PIRG Education Fund 202-546-9707 (United States Public Interest Research Group Education Fund) EIN#53-1384240 - PIRG protects public health and the environment. We organize citizens against threats to clean air and water; to prevent global warming and preserve natural resources. 1.7%

0917 Union of Concerned Scientists 800-666-8276 EIN#04-2535767 - Scientists and citizens working together to reduce air pollution, prevent global warming, protect endangered species, reduce nuclear arsenals, and ensure safety of our food system. 19.5%

0918 The Wilderness Society 800-THE-WILD EIN#53-0167933 - Works to protect America’s wilderness and wildlife and to build a network of wild places for future generations through public education, advocacy, and scientific analysis. 15.4%

0944 Wildlife Conservation Society 718-220-6891 EIN#13-1740011 - Saves endangered species and threatened ecosystems in 52 countries; teaches ecology and inspires care for wildlife through the Bronx Zoo and national science education programs. 9.4%

0926 World Resources Institute 202-729-7600 EIN#52-1257057 - WRI provides and helps other institutions provide objective information and practical proposals for policy and institutional change that will foster environmentally sound, socially equitable development. 17.5%

0927 World Wildlife Fund 202-293-4800 EIN#52-1693387 - Provides emergency assistance and technical training to support parks, nature reserves and antipoaching programs that protect wildlife and threatened habitat of five continents. 10.0%

Conservation & Preservation Charities of America Federation and Member Organizations

2300 Conservation & Preservation Charities of America 800-626-6685 EIN#94-3217738 - Overpopulation, deforestation, pollution, and the reckless waste of our natural resources must be met and addressed. Join us in saving our world. 1.8%

2373 20/20 Vision Education Fund 800-669-1782 EIN#22-3071727 - Provides citizens with education and training to help them take effective action in 20 minutes a month to protect the environment and promote peace. 17.5%

2361 Access Fund 888-863-6237 EIN#94-3131165 - A climbers’ conservation organization which preserves America’s resources by purchasing land, promoting minimum impact climbing practices and funding support facilities, educational materials and local groups. 20.6%

2349 American Canoe Association 703-451-0141 EIN#84-0619411 - Protecting and preserving our natural resources—allowing people to enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and rafting while providing instruction, safety education, and competition. 22.4%

2350 American Discovery Trail Society 703-753-0149 EIN#68-0381715 - Connect America! Help build our nation’s first coast-to-coast, multi-use hiking trail by joining thousands of miles of existing scenic and protected public use trails. 21.9%

2340 American Fisheries Society 301-897-8616 EIN#54-0683803 - The American Fisheries Society is dedicated to conserving inland, marine, and estuarine fisheries and their habitats in North America and around the world. 24.5%

2301 American Hiking Society 800-972-8608 EIN#51-0211993 - We protect the trails you use and love. Help us keep urban sprawl and malls from destroying your grandchildren’s enjoyment of the outdoors. 12.8%

2362 American Oceans Campaign 800-8-OCEAN-0 EIN#95-4155562 - All life on earth is tied to life in the ocean. We safeguard the vitality of our oceans, coastal waters and precious marine resources. 16.0%

2341 American Solar Energy Society 303-443-3130 EIN#59-1768923 - Educates consumers, professionals and policy makers about the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable solar energy. Organizes the National Tour of Solar Homes held every October. 19.0%

2302 American Whitewater Affiliation 914-586-2355 EIN#23-7083760 - America’s whitewater wilderness rivers are threatened by commercial development and hydropower licensing. Through conservation and public education, we’re protecting these valuable resources. 15.7%

2363 American Wildlands 406-586-8175 EIN#84-0750616 - Clean water, clean air and large tracts of unspoiled forests. We fight to restore biodiversity and to protect the American West in all its grandeur. 31.2%*

2331 American Youth Hostels 202-783-6161 EIN#13-5639689 - Hostelling is educational travel, using hostels to facilitate interaction between travelers and community members, and to promote discovery of oneself, local cultures and the world. 9.0%

2303 Appalachian Trail Conference 304-535-6331 EIN#52-6046689 - Along with 4,500 volunteers, we manage the Appalachian Trail, America’s premiere hiking trail and the world’s longest footpath, for conservation and your enjoyment. 13.2%

2312 Association of Partners for Public Lands 410-647-9001 EIN#54-1123356 - Promoting preservation and appreciation of our national parks and other public lands. We foster cooperative action by non-profit groups and volunteers to support education/stewardship. 10.9%

2323 Bat Conservation International, Inc. 512-327-9721 EIN#74-2553144 - Bats, and the habitats they rely on, urgently need your assistance. Help save these remarkable and vulnerable animals through our education, conservation, and research efforts. 9.4%

2342 Carrying Capacity Network 800-466-4866 EIN#52-1643779 - Advocates national revitalization, U.S. population stabilization, immigration reduction, natural resource conservation, and economic sustainability through studies, analysis, publications, public education, outreach, networking and activism. 17.7%

2343 Center for International Environmental Law 202-785-8700 EIN#52-1633220 - The public interest environmental law firm; dedicated to helping citizens protect global resources including climate, forests, oceans, wildlife, and human rights through law and education. 9.0%

2364 Center for Resource Economics 202-232-7933 EIN#94-2578166 - The Center—better known as Island Press—develops and publishes information about protecting ecosystem and biodiversity, conserving land, and solving environmental problem at all levels. 11.4%

2324 Chesapeake Bay Foundation 410-268-8816 EIN#52-6065757 - Membership organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries through education, research, resource protection and land conservancy programs. 9.9%

2332 Civil War Trust 800-CW-TRUST EIN#52-1733202 - Manassas, Gettysburg, Appomattox: Don’t let them pave over our nation’s past. Preserve Civil War battlefields by supporting The Civil War Trust. 33.7%*

2351 Earth Force 800-23-FORCE EIN#52-1830873 - Youth for a change! Provides opportunities for young people to change their communities and care for our environment, while developing life-long habits of active citizenship. 22.5%

2352 Entomological Foundation 301-731-4535 EIN#52-1756169 - Teaching children and adults about the contributions and importance of insects through scholarships, grants, and teaching materials. Our insect fairs reach thousands of children annually. 0.0%

2304 Floresta Tropical Reforestation Fund 800-633-5319 EIN#33-0052976 - Help us stop deforestation. We give poor Latin American farmers alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture which create economic self-sufficiency without destroying the environment. 15.2%

2353 Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg, Inc. 717-334-0772 EIN#23-2567247 - Purchases land for donation to the American people, pays for repairs of historic structures and monuments and conducts historical seminars about the Gettysburg battlefield. 19.8%

2325 Greater Yellowstone Coalition 406-586-1593 EIN#81-0414042 - Help us conserve and protect one of America’s last great natural treasures, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and its full range of life. 20.6%

2365 Green Empowerment 503-284-5774 www.greenempowerment EIN#93-1230409 - Our work promotes community-owned renewable energy systems that create vital opportunities for environmental protection and sustainable social and economic progress in developing countries and communities. 3.1%

2305 Green Seal 202-872-6400 EIN#13-3553974 - Helps protect the environment by encouraging the purchase of goods and services that are less harmful to people, wildlife, forests, air and water. 21.9%

2354 Hancock Shaker Village 800-817-1137 EIN#04-2281657 - Hancock Shaker Village, a National Historic Register Landmark Site, living history museum and heritage farm, portrays 200 years of Shaker life, work and art. 24.6%

2335 Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation 800-227-0046 EIN#39-6076028 - Our non-profit, volunteer organization builds and protects the 1,000-mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail that provides unique hiking experiences and views of Ice Age formations. 14.2%

2326 International Crane Foundation, Inc. 608-356-9462 EIN#39-1187711 - Our work for cranes involves people in conservation of wetland and grassland habitats, and inspires international cooperation for migratory birds on five continents. 11.3%

2307 International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation 805-640-0390 EIN#23-7389749 - We protect wildlife and wilderness worldwide through action-oriented projects, and also train disadvantaged youth in leadership skills and environmental knowledge through wilderness experience programs. 2.8%

2355 League of Conservation Voters Education Fund 202-785-0730 EIN#52-1379661 - Informed and active citizens are fundamental to safeguarding environmental protections. By teaching community groups how to organize and increase voter turnout, we protect our future. 10.8%

2366 Leave No Trace 800-332-4100 EIN#84-1303335 - Teaching responsible use of parks, forests, and water resources to build a conservation ethic that protects natural lands and future outdoor recreation experiences. 18.5%

2356 Mote Marine Laboratory 800-691-MOTE EIN#59-0756643 - Research Laboratory, Rehabilitation Center, fascinating Aquarium and pre-college Distance Learning on sustainability of fisheries, sharks, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, coastlines, coral reefs; biomedical research; eco-toxicology. 19.5%

2357 National Aquarium in Baltimore, Inc. 410-576-3800 EIN#52-1121163 - World-class aquatic science museum that stimulates interest in, develops knowledge about, and inspires stewardship of aquatic environments through exhibits and recreational and educational programs. 20.5%

2336 National Association of Conservation Districts 202-547-6223 www.nacdnet. EIN#74-1162773 - The Association promotes the conservation, wise use and orderly development of this nation’s land, water and related natural resources for future generations of Americans. 8.7%

2367 National Association of Service and Conservation Corps 202-737-6272 EIN#52-1480202 - Provides training/technical assistance to youth corps, enabling them to offer high quality community service, job training and educational opportunities to 20,000 disadvantaged youth annually.10.3%

2337 National Environmental Education & Training Foundation 202-833-2933 EIN#54-1557043 - NEETF, a leading national organization, supports science-based environmental education for youth, teachers, doctors, and businesses through grants, trainings, web sites, and other tools. 20.1%

2309 National Park Foundation 888-GO-PARKS EIN#52-1086761 - Invest in America’s National Parks. Help us preserve and protect America’s best natural, cultural and historical resources through education, conservation, outreach, volunteer, and accessibility projects. 5.7%

2358 National Park Trust 202-548-0500 EIN#52-1691924 - The land trust saving parks, wildlife, scenic and historic sites by acquiring and donating lands to public agencies or managing national parklands for future generations. 23.7%

2327 National Trust for Historic Preservation 800-944-NTHP EIN#53-0210807 - Your support will help save, preserve, protect, and revitalize America’s diverse historic buildings and places for the future. 12.1%

2310 Negative Population Growth 202-667-8950 EIN#13-2727625 - We advocate first halting, then reversing, U.S. and world population growth, so that population can eventually be stabilized at a lower, more sustainable level. 12.8%

2311 North American Association for Environmental Education 706-764-2926 EIN#23-7158061 - Dedicated to improving environmental education and supporting the work of environmental educators. Members are formal and informal educators throughout North America and worldwide. 15.2%

2339 North Cascades Institute 360-856-5700 x209 EIN#91-1327775 - Protect Northwest environments through the lasting power of education. We offer field-based learning adventures for all ages, plus initiatives for low-income and minority students. 4.0%

2369 Orangutan Foundation International 310-207-1655 EIN#95-4112467 - Studies wild orangutans in Indonesia, rescues ex-captive orangutans and rehabilitates them to the forest, and protects and reforests rainforest habitat upon which the orangutans depend. 8.4%

2359 Partners in Parks 970-527-6691 EIN#52-1557734 - Help our National Parks. Support skilled volunteers working with park staff to research, protect and preserve these natural and cultural treasures. 20.6%

2360 Point Reyes National Seashore Association 415-663-1155 EIN#94-2228894 - Help us preserve Point Reyes National Seashore, a nationally significant coastal sanctuary, by supporting endangered species protection and public education about America’s wild coastlines. 19.6%

2314 Population Institute 800-787-0038 EIN#52-0899578 - We foster public awareness and action programs to bring world population into balance with its environment and resources through educational and family planning initiatives. 18.9%

2345 Population-Environment Balance 800-866-6269 EIN#23-7288859 - Working to stop United States environmental degradation because of overpopulation by advocating reductions in immigration levels and promoting smaller size families. 19.4%

2370 Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility 202-265-7337 EIN#93-1102740 - A service organization for employees who care about the environment. Through PEER, employees can safely and effectively become anonymous activists for environmental protection. 24.4%

2346 Public Lands Foundation 703-790-1988 EIN#54-1437054 - Providing protection and development of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources through education and advocacy. Insuring America’s preservation of public lands’ vital economic and ecological roles. 22.4%

2371 River Network 800-423-6747 www.rivernetwork.EIN#93-0969979 - Dedicated to protecting America’s natural rivers and watersheds. Trains and supports over 400 grassroots conservation groups. Acquires riverlands critical for fish habitat, wildlife, and recreation. 21.6%

2329 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 406-523-4500 EIN#81-0421425 - Ensures the future of elk and other wildlife by conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats through land purchases, conservation easements, management agreements, education and research. 9.1%

2316 Save America’s Forests Fund 202-544-9219 EIN#52-1770554 - Protecting and restoring America’s ancient, wild, and natural forests. Stopping timber industry clearcutting on our National Forests. Alerting citizens about the U.S. deforestation crisis. 28.0%*

2330 Soil and Water Conservation Society 800-THE-SOIL EIN#42-0716340 - Providing individuals and local communities with the tools they need to conserve and preserve the ever-decreasing natural resources essential for a better quality of life. 15.8%

2348 Solar Electric Light Fund 202-234-7265 EIN#52-1701564 - Facilitates and develops solar rural electrification projects in developing countries - promoting energy, self-reliance and environmentally sustainable development. 24.1%

2372 Trout Unlimited 703-522-0200 EIN#38-1612715 - Conserves, protects, and restores North America’s coldwater fisheries. Promotes environmental conservation and recreational angling through field projects, youth programs, policy review, research, and education. 25.9%*

2318 Trustees for Alaska 907-276-4244 EIN#92-6010379 - Defend an environmental legacy - Alaska! We’re a legal voice for America’s largest wilderness, her only Arctic ecosystem, endangered species, and critical wildlife habitat in Alaska. 22.1%

2319 Wildlife Habitat Council 301-588-8994 EIN#52-1558579 - Uniting corporate employees, conservation organizations, and community members to actively preserve, enhance, and create wildlife habitat on corporate, private, and public lands. 13.5%

2347 Wildlife Preservation Trust International 888-WPTI-ARK EIN#23-1996716 - Wildlife Preservation Trust International conserves threatened wild species and their habitats in partnership with local scientists and educators around the world. 15.1%

2320 World Parks Endowment 202-797-6540 EIN#13-3500609 - Your gift helps buy and protect endangered rainforests and other critical habitats for rare species - irreplaceable environmental treasures vital to the health of the earth. 2.6%

2321 Yosemite Fund 415-434-1782 EIN#94-3058041 - Saves Yosemite from being "loved to death" by providing trail repair, habitat restoration, educational exhibits and other projects that keep the park’s unique beauty alive. 17.6%